You pledges have no idea whats up
Time: 51:16
Views: 27,114
You got more than you bargained for
Time: 48:53
Views: 36,119
We aren't really laughing
Time: 43:25
Views: 29,105
Put your butt up higher in the air!
Time: 43:30
Views: 29,241
Don't ask any questions
Time: 41:47
Views: 31,651
If you want in this frat, let's see
Time: 47:15
Views: 30,915
All the pledges have to give a blowjob
Time: 44:49
Views: 39,340
Preach on brother John...
Time: 50:13
Views: 27,913
Quick! Suck his dick before he wakes up
Time: 49:50
Views: 39,232
This party got a lil wild...
Time: 52:35
Views: 24,736
This party just got way better
Time: 42:05
Views: 22,599
You're way too excited for this
Time: 55:18
Views: 31,132
When he says stop, he means go harder
Time: 46:30
Views: 21,378
That dick is pretty nice, lets see it work
Time: 53:12
Views: 30,456
Prove how badly you want to be here
Time: 52:19
Views: 26,319
Don't be too surprised. It's fratty
Time: 45:47
Views: 31,550
We must scrub you clean
Time: 54:05
Views: 27,907
You should be scared, going to be wild
Time: 53:43
Views: 32,446
Don't be the first one to pass out
Time: 44:20
Views: 29,316
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